How to build a solar oven

Building a solar cooker is easy and accessible to everyone. In fact, very few materials and tools are needed to build your first oven in less than an hour. The flexible reflecting mirror is particularly suitable for solar oven construction. The simplest oven models are made from cardboard, while the most elaborate models are made from wood or even from a bicycle wheel! Here you’ll find free downloadable PDF plans for building different types of solar cookers. In addition to the mirror, you’ll find in our store complementary cooking equipment for your oven: pans, cooking bags, vacuum tubes, thermometers, etc.

Tutorials and free plans

Build the solar cooker of your choice. Solar cookers are ideal for cooking, simmering and reheating. Solar cookers offer the same cooking performance as traditional cookers. The solar barbecue is also the equivalent of a traditional oven, but with the added benefit of grilling.

Frequently asked questions

  • No fuel: no fire hazard. No pollution during use.
  • Free, unlimited energy.
  • No smoke when cooking.
  • Requires little supervision during cooking.
  • All foods can be cooked while preserving their flavor.
  • Solar cookers can be used wherever you want: beach, campsite, mountain, garden, terrace, etc.

Solar ovens can be used to cook all types of dishes: grilled, simmered or steamed, whether using a casserole or a griddle.
Two tips for more efficient cooking:
– cut food into small or medium-sized pieces to speed up cooking (e.g., cut chicken into 6 to 8 pieces for greater efficiency)
– don’t use too much water (e.g. when cooking vegetables or rice): use steam cooking instead.

Containers should be dark on the outside (ideally matt black), to absorb the sun’s rays. Many materials are suitable: ceramics, steel mesh, etc …
A cast-iron pan (by nature thicker) will heat up more slowly but retain heat longer.
Placing the pan in a cooking bag helps retain heat.

Preheating times for a solar oven or barbecue are identical to those for their gas or coal equivalents: around 20 minutes. To cook, allow about 20 minutes more than usual.

Solar cookers all work in the same way: with a steep rise at the start and a slowdown as you get closer to the maximum (which varies greatly from model to model). To lower the temperature, there’s no other way than to “detune” the reflectors.

In addition to its mirror-like quality, S-REFLECT is easy to shape. Its 200-micron thickness gives it the rigidity and flexibility to adapt to parabolic curves. S-REFLECT mirror film is easy to cut with a cutter or scissors.

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