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concours x quaou

Solar Brother & Qaou

Solar Brother, in collaboration with one of our outdoor friends, Qaou, decided to organize a competition.
From today until the end of the month, you have the opportunity to win a Solar Cooker Sungood combo pack and a Qaou V4 tent

We present to you Qaou

Qaou is a French brand that invented a modular tent with 6 main functions: Hammock / Covered hammock / Tent / Tent plus apse / Shelter / Tarp. This variety of functions makes it adaptable to all terrains. The goal of Qaou is to accompany you without any problem in all your adventures everywhere and at any time.

Win a Qaou X Solar Brother combo pack

The Solar Brother SunGood solar oven is an ultra portable solar cooker, awarded at the Lépine competition in 2018 and made in France. Foldable and ultra light authorized everywhere beaches, forests and gardens. It has a gentle cooking of 100 to 120 degrees to preserve the flavor of the food. It will delight your taste buds with this SunGood you can cook delicious Ratatouille, chicken tajine, cakes, omelette… Let your imagination run wild!

The Qaou Aventure V4 pack for 2 people including: one under tent, two hammocks, one earth kit, two hammock fixing kits. The Qaou tent is designed to adapt to different situations. The tent roof converts into a hammock or tarp, so you can adjust the use of your Qaou as needed. In addition, the tent / hammock roof has passed all wind resistance and waterproofing tests, making the tent ready for all of nature’s surprises.

Two winners !

There will be two winners so don’t miss this chance and share with those around you so everyone can participate.
All you have to do is complete the questionnaire below.

    Record man napping in a hammock.Extreme hiker! Nights at 3000 m don't scare you.Bivouac by the lake 200 m from the car. The important thing is not the walk but the night under the starsThe king of the picnic, extreme cook, it's always me who makes the sandwiches.3 days of walking ?? I will wait for you on arrival and prepare the meal.Hitchhiking around the world ?? GOOO when are we leaving ?Adventure is every day if you want! Just open your eyes !

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