Invite the sun to your table

Cuisson four solaire

Solar Cooking

A raclette in the solar oven!
The solar menu possibilities are endless.
Proof in support, our solar chef and co-founder of Solar Brother Gilles GALLO has prepared a solar raclette.
And yes .. With these temperatures a little cooler at the beginning of April, it made us want a raclette so we did! One more solar feast!

5KG of vegetables in the Sunchef solar oven!
You often ask us the question to know for how many people the solar ovens allow us to cook for you, Gilles to prepare 5KG of vegetables cooked in the Sunchef solar cooker, carrot, potato, onion with grass of Provence, enough to feed a many people .. Visit our comparison table to learn more about this.

Collective Cooking

Collective solar cooking with the SUNCHEF Pro, Cooking a meal in 20 minutes is possible. You can prepare meals for 10 to 50 people depending on the recipe. This collective solar barbecue is ideal for specific activities or for collective cooking, restaurants, camping, hotels, events, etc.
If you have a project requiring its implementation, do not hesitate to contact us

Cuisson collective


A SUNCHEF PRO solar oven is located at Présage, a solar restaurant in ChateauGombert near Marseille. Solar Brother is very proud to participate in this ambitious project. This is the first solar tavern and soon a restaurant run by chef Pierre-André Aubert

More than ever, we need you to help us democratize the use of solar energy! Solar cooking is a cooking method that is still little known and little used. Clean, sustainable, available energy so let’s not deprive ourselves of the sun when it’s there. 🙂
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