Solar Brother introduces the new SUNGLOBE® solar barbecue

Barbecue - Sunglobe solar oven

Solar barbecue SUNGLOBE® : cSolar cooking, an alternative way to cook for less !

Solar energy is proving to be an increasingly efficient and economical resource for preparing meals. As a specialist in solar products for the general public, Solar Brother offers a new ecological and sustainable alternative to the electric oven to take advantage of abundant and free energy: the SUNGLOBE® solar barbecue.

SUNGLOBE®, a powerful and swiveling parabolic solar oven !

A real sunshine in your garden, the SUNGLOBE® solar barbecue allows you to quickly reach temperatures between 180 °C and 220 °C. So, with the SUNGLOBE®, you can cook any recipe in a pot or in a wok and all your grills a la plancha !

Thanks to its parabolic shape with a diameter of 100 cm and its rotation system, the sun's rays are evenly concentrated on the dish placed in the center. A solar barbecue works in summer and winter because solar cooking does not depend on the outside temperature. For an optimal cooking, it is necessary to have enough sunlight to be able to distinguish the shadows on the ground.

The SUNGLOBE® solar grill is made of stainless steel to last. This parabolic solar oven is ideal for solar cooking on the terrace, camping, cottage and in the garden. The solar ovens are not designed to stay permanently outside: the parabola is easily detached to store the barbecue in a safe place after use.

Technical specifications

- Weight : 5 kg / Package weight : 6 kg
- Dish dimensions : ø 100 cm
- Dish depth : 30cm
- Base dimensions : 120cm
- Stainless steel structure
- S.Reflect mirror reflector made of adhesive aluminum
- Mirror support made of recycled polypropylene
- Warranty : 2 years
- Made in France
- Easy maintenance with a soft or wet cloth

Available on the online store for 489 euros.

SUNGLOBE® solar barbecue

About us Solar Brother

Created by Gilles Gallo and Gatien Brault in 2016, Solar Brother develops a range of ingenious and "outdoor friendly" objects operating on the basis of concentrated solar energy, captured using a system of parabolic reflecting mirrors: a technology as old as Archimedes and that everyone, or almost everyone, experienced with a magnifying glass as a child. Based on this principle, Solar Brother has designed and distributed 4 innovative products to the general public, 3 of which won prizes at the Lépine competition. They are present in nearly 300 points of sale in Europe, with a promising launch in Japan in 2020.
Benefiting from the support of the Banque Publique d'Investissement, both for innovation and export, Solar Brother now wishes to accelerate the development of the brand internationally, particularly in Germany and the United States. Committed to reducing its environmental impact as much as possible, Solar Brother uses recycled and up-cycled materials, zero waste packaging and French manufacturing.

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