Solar Brother inaugurated France’s 1st Solar Center on Thursday, July 4th!

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Solar Brother inaugurated France’s 1st Solar Center on Thursday, July 4th!

Since 2016, Solar Brother has been developing a complete range of solar innovations (lighter, mobile charger, food oven and dryer, heater) powered by concentrated solar power technology. To promote the efficiency of this free energy source, Solar Brother is once again breaking new ground with the inauguration of France’s very first Solar Center in Carnoules. Targeting the general public as well as professional chefs and schools, the center’s aim is to help people discover the power of solar thermal energy and encourage them to adopt it in their daily lives, for cooking, drying vegetables, heating…

centre solaire

A Solar Center open to all!

Inaugurated in the presence of several chefs, including Nada Sammut, starred gourmet chef and ambassador of solar cooking, this new solar center has several objectives:

  • From July onwards, we’ll be welcoming the general public to hands-on solar cooking workshops. Lasting around 4 hours, these workshops will not only deliver theoretical lessons on solar energy, but will also give participants the chance to try their hand at solar cooking for a tasty lunchtime snack. Last but not least, each participant will be able to take home his or her own solar cooker. These workshops, for up to 12 people, will start in July. To register, visit the Solar Brother website.
  • Training chefs in solar cooking. Having designed a “giant” solar oven for professionals, the Sunchef Pro, Solar Brother will regularly bring chefs together at its solar center to train them in solar cooking and demonstrate all the possible recipes that can be created using solar energy.
    Solar Brother will be supported by Nadia Sammut, Michelin-starred chef and ambassador for solar cooking, Franck Niedda, chef of the restaurant “Une place au soleil”, and Lucas Mersh, head baker voted best young baker. Other chefs will soon be joining the adventure.
  • Solar Brother also plans to host schools and communities for discovery and tasting sessions.

The Solar Center will also give Solar Brother the opportunity to carry out R&D and test its future innovations on site.

Solar Brother innovations to discover and test at the Solar Center

The full range of SUNGOOD® solar ovens for tasty meals

  • The SUNGOOD® for an introduction to solar cooking and simmered recipes with gentle cooking at 100° to 120° for 2 to 4 people.
  • The SUNGOOD® 360 for a complete discovery of solar cooking, with faster cooking and a temperature rise to 200° in less than 10 minutes, for meals for 3 to 5 people.
  • The SUNGOOD® XL, with its large volume and high power, can prepare meals for 6 to 8 people. A real solar barbecue that can be used in the garden, on outdoor outings or in your van on vacation.

A giant solar oven that heats up to 250°C!
With its 1.8-m sensor surface and 36-liter cooking volume, the SUNCHEF PRO can feed more than 50 people. It works even under cloudy skies, and can reach temperatures of up to 250°C. It features 2 stainless steel racks for 2 different preparations. What’s more, it’s completely self-sufficient, thanks to its photovoltaic panel and storage battery, which allow it to face the sun. A high-performance product that meets the expectations of professionals.

OMY®, an ecological solar dryer made in France, dehydrates fruit, vegetables, flowers and seaweed for optimum preservation all year round. Extremely economical and easy to build, OMY can be used at any latitude and in any season. With its practical, modular and compact design, this dryer can store up to 7 kg of food…with free energy.

SunAero®, the 1st solar heating system capable of heating and renewing air in rooms from 20 to 60m2, such as bedrooms, living rooms, workshops, sheds and cellars. The benefit? The extra 3 to 5 degrees it generates in the home means that the current thermostat can be lowered by the same amount, resulting in real savings that are not to be underestimated. The ideal complement to a heat pump or a wood, electric or gas heater for heating one or more rooms in winter, SunAéro can also be very useful in summer: its modular panels can be installed on a drying hut and used as a fruit and vegetable dehydrator, tumble dryer or to speed up the drying of wood.

About Solar Brother :

Founded by Gilles Gallo and Gatien Brault in 2016, Solar Brother develops a complete range of solar innovations for both the home and the outdoors, based on concentrated solar power technology: a technology as old as Archimedes and one that almost everyone experimented with a magnifying glass as a child. Based on this principle, Solar Brother has designed and distributed 12 innovative products to the general public, all geared towards autonomy and energy savings, including 3 Lépine awards. They can be found in almost 300 outlets in Europe, with a promising launch in Japan in 2020.
With the support of the Banque Publique d’Investissement, both for innovation and export, Solar Brother is now looking to accelerate the brand’s international development, particularly in Europe and the United States. Committed to minimizing its environmental impact, Solar Brother uses recycled and up-cycled materials, 0-waste packaging and French manufacturing. Solar Brother is recognized by the French government through the ESUS LABEL.

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