Solar Brother shines at MAIF Social Club

Hey, Solar! It’s been a little month since we gave you any news! Sorry, the Solar Father needed help to organize this Christmas: solar oven, lighter, cooker, there will be sun under the trees this year! But between two gifts, we braved the cold to sunbathe on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 December 2018 at the Maif Social Club Christmas Factory! This is a unique event during which creators of innovative projects that promote the made in France and the values of the social and solidarity economy occupy a 1000 m² Parisian building in order to present and sell their creations to visitors.
Image présentation événement #FabriquedeNoël
From young scouts to DIY (do it yourself) parents and students travelling abroad, everyone has found the sun in their skies in the SunCase lighter, the Adventure Kit firelighter and the all-new SolSource Sport solar oven. We even had the right to a visit from a former Minister of the Economy. Any hints? He’s a fan of a yellow animal with black stripes!
enfant avec briquet suncase
It was the ideal place to forget the rain outside: normal, the Solar Brothers brought the Sun to MAIF on a plateau! Otherwise, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy holiday season! Stay solar and see you in 2019! Sunly yours, The Solar Brother Team Photos of ©Edouard Richard/MAIF

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