How to make the OMY solar dryer

Solar Brother offers you the plans of a solar dryer for fruits and vegetables

Following the success of the participative campaign for the OMY solar dryer on Ullule and thanks to you, here is the video tutorial to make the solar dryer for plants, fruits and vegetables made with care by Dimitri. You will also find in link, the free plans of the solar dryer to download. To your tools and good drying!

The design of the solar dehydrator is voluntarily based on a low-tech technology in order to facilitate the manufacture of the dryer in an autonomous and economic way by all those who wish it. No more surplus production, when the harvest is there, the sun is there, let's enjoy it!

What are the advantages of the solar dryer for fruits and vegetables?

  • For use in all latitudes in all seasons: the solar dryer is equipped with a reflector mirror S.Reflect mirror reflector which allows to increase the captured solar radiation by directing it on the absorber to be converted into heat. Its adjustable angle of inclination is studied for a maximum capture and for a use under any latitude in any season. 
  • A controlled air flow : when the temperature rises, a natural hot air flow is created and evacuates the humidity of the food. To adjust the drying temperature according to the food, the solar dryer is equipped with an electric ventilation system, powered by a solar panel.
  • A modular design : the food is placed on modular and interchangeable trays according to the needs. They offer an intuitive use as well as a compact and transportable format.

advanced solar


Completion time: 1 - 2 days


Material available
on the website

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