Gilles and Gatien

Solar Brother is above all a human adventure.

True experts in concentrated solar energy, Gilles and Gatien have more than 25 years of solar experience, from solar thermal power plants to the design of small-scale products such as solar lighters" We are convinced that concentrated solar energy is one of the main energy sources of this 3rd millennium. We are convinced that concentrated solar energy is one of the main energy sources of the 3rd millennium and it is with conviction and passion that we distribute this efficient, available, free and ecological energy.

Solar Brother was born from the enthusiasm of Gilles Gallo, who after a trip to Timbuktu in 2003, wanted to give meaning to his work by turning to a more humanist project. "After five years of financial experience, in search of meaning, I went to Timbuktu. I saw that a third of the women's time and a third of the families' budget is spent on firewood. On my return, I decided to develop concentrated solar thermal technology and in particular the solar cooking". Gilles has been active in the solar thermal family for more than 20 years and has extensive experience in the field. Today, he is one of the major players in concentrated solar technology in Europe.

With Gatien Brault, engineer and partner, they created Solar Brother with the desire to democratize this technology. To do this, they design and distribute a range of simple, designed and efficient solar products. At the same time, aware of the need to broaden the knowledge of solar energy to as many people as possible, they have built their business model in a spirit of co-creation with the provision of open-source self-construction plans. "To become Solar Brother is to join a community where human experience & solar knowledge is shared for the well-being of all".

"Rémi, Annelise, Margaux, Yvanh, Dimitri, Marc, Quentin, Sébastien, Corinne, all joined us with their enthusiasm and know-how. Today, we're proud to offer, as part of our range of solar products, a Solar Brother Solar Brother® range range, designed and developed in France, awarded & recognized with 3 medals at the 2017-18-19 Lépine competitions", supported by BPI Innovation BPI Export".

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