Fabriquer le séchoir solaire OMY

Solar Brother offers plans for a high-performance solar fruit and vegetable dryer

Following the success of the participatory campaign for the OMY solar dryer on Ullule and thanks to you, here is the video tutorial for making the solar dryer for plants, fruit and vegetables, carefully crafted by Dimitri. You can also download the free solar dryer plans. To your tools and good drying!

The design of the solar dehydrator is deliberately based on low-tech technology, to make it easy for anyone to build the dryer independently and economically. No more surplus production, when the harvest is there, the sun is there, so let’s make the most of it!

What are the advantages of solar drying for fruit and vegetables?

  • For use in all latitudes and all seasons: the solar dryer is equipped with a reflector S.Reflect mirror, which increases the amount of solar radiation captured by directing it onto the absorber, where it is converted into heat. Its adjustable angle of inclination is designed for maximum coverage and for use in all latitudes and all seasons.
  • Controlled air flow : as the food heats up, a natural warm air current is created, drawing moisture away from the food. To adjust the drying temperature to suit the food, the solar dryer is equipped with an electric ventilation system, powered by a solar panel.
  • Modular design : food is arranged on modular and interchangeable trays as required. They offer intuitive operation and a compact, portable format.

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Completion time: 1 – 2 days


Equipment available
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