A deflector to reflect sunlight back into your home!

Sunlight is a source of numerous benefits for humans: fortifying bones, regulating the internal clock, improving morale. Yet many homes don’t get enough natural light. Fortunately, there’s a simple, effective and environmentally-friendly solution: the solar deflector! The solar deflector is a highly reflective, adjustable mirror that you can make with the S.Reflect® mirror from Solar Brother.


Advanced solar handyman


Completion time: 1-5 hours


Material available on site


How does a solar deflector/reflector work?

In optics, the term deflector/reflector refers to an object that reflects the sun’s rays. This allows sunlight to be reflected back into your home, giving you more natural light without energy consumption. It can be installed indoors or out: under a skylight, behind a window, on a balcony railing, on a windowsill or on a terrace.

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