Four solaire parabolique DIY

Solar Brother offers you plans for a solar dish.

This tutorial will enable you to build an inexpensive solar dish from 50 to 120 cm in diameter using an old TV dish, or by constructing your own from cardboard. We recommend you opt for the S.Reflect® self-adhesive soft mirror for optimum performance with your dish. Don’t let the homemade look fool you: once built, this easy-to-use, lightweight solar cooker will bake your best recipes to perfection!

Four solaire parabolique DIY

Motivated solar beginner


Completion time: 1 day


Material available on site

How does the solar dish work?

To cook your solar recipes, your dish will use the 3C rule (concentration-capture-conservation).

Concentration – The mirrors act as reflectors, reflecting and concentrating the sun’s rays on the food container, placed on a support at a distance d from the dish.

Capture – The container then captures the rays. It is strongly recommended that the container be made of dark metal, as it will absorb more light and heat than a light-colored container. We recommend a black enamelled steel pot to cook your food more efficiently (CookUp).

Conservation – The container must retain heat and prevent hot air from evaporating. This is why it’s so important to insulate the walls of the oven, which can be done by wrapping it in a cooking bag to ensure a more intense temperature rise.

For your safety
– Wear glasses to protect your eyes from mirror reflections when handling the oven in the sun.
– Wearprotective gloves when removing hot food after cooking.

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