Solar Brother goes even further down the road to energy savings with its new solar heater, SunAéro!

The “SunAéro” lowers your heating thermostat by 3 to 5 degrees, free of charge and without electricity!

Specializing in the design of ecological solar solutions, French start-up Solar Brother unveils a new innovation in its wide range of solar products (lighters, ovens and barbecues, vegetable dryers, chargers, etc.) with SunAero: a solar heater that heats and renews the air in rooms from 20 to 60m². This unique innovation allows you to lower the thermostat on your conventional heating system by 3 to 6 degrees. It’s the perfect way to make substantial savings and adopt an eco-responsible approach!

SunAéro®, or how to bring more heat into your room for free!

Solar heating is a project initiated in June 2022 by Solar Brother’s R&D teams in response to the sharp rise in energy prices, and the need for the French to turn to alternative solutions to lower their bills. Less than a year later, this ambition was realized with SunAero: the 1st solar heating system capable of heating and renewing air in rooms from 20 to 60m2, such as bedrooms, living rooms, workshops, sheds and cellars. The benefit? The extra 3 to 6 degrees it generates in the home means you can reduce your current thermostat by the same amount, and thus make real savings that are not to be underestimated.

Nothing to do every day with SunAéro solar heating!

SunAéro is installed vertically on the exterior façade of a house facing the sun (ideally due south, or south-east, south-west) via modular panels that are fixed to the wall. Once the panels have been installed (from 1 to 3 panels depending on the volume of the room to be heated) and the motor block fitted with the
ventilation system, there’s nothing left to do. Solar heating starts up naturally:

1. Outside air enters the bottom of the panel through filters.
2. The air then comes into contact with the solar absorber, designed to facilitate heat transfer.
3. As the air rises through the panel, it is heated and blown into the house via a controlled ventilation system. As soon as the control block exceeds 25°, ventilation starts. When night falls, it automatically switches off as the sun sets.

Everything runs completely autonomously on solar energy. Heat + air flow heat and dehumidify rooms. With SunAéro, not only do you gain a few “free” degrees to heat your rooms, but you also renew the volume of air in the room every hour with a silent ventilation system.

Chauffage solaire ERO

Gilles Gallo, CEO of Solar Brother, is delighted with the forthcoming market launch of this new product: “Because the current ecological and energy situation is leading us to live differently, Solar Brother offers households innovative products and resources that enable everyone to take full advantage of the changes that lie ahead. SunAero is perfectly in tune with the French people’s need to adopt an approach that is both more economical and eco-responsible”.

The ideal complement to a heat pump, wood, electric or gas heater for heating one or more rooms in winter, SunAero can also be very useful in summer: for those who grow vegetables intensively, it’s even possible to use the modular panels as a fruit and vegetable dehydrator.

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