Solar brother on TV with C Jamy!

C Jamy Solar Brother

We’re very proud to present our appearance on C Jamy’s famous show on France 5! A TV appearance that allows us to further democratize the use of solar energy.

Our solar development and demonstration center in Carnoules

Solar Brother continues to grow, and in recent months we have opened a solar development and demonstration center in Carnoules! This ideally located center will enable us to develop even more solar innovations, including the next innovation that many are waiting for… A solar dryer that should see the light of day in early 2022.

Solar Brother makes solar energy accessible to all

Solar energy is available, free and non-polluting, and can be used anywhere. When we know that in certain regions of the world, such as Timbuktu, 1/3 of women’s time and family budgets is devoted to cooking wood, we need to help democratize solar cooking. To this end, we’ve been making all our plans available in Open Source for over 5 years, and we’re regularly looking for new partners in Africa.

A nice TV appearance where Gilles & Gatien, the founders of Solar Brother, had the opportunity to present solar cooking,