Solar Brother unveils the SUNGOOD® 360 multi-firing solar oven

Solar cooking, the alternative for households to cope more easily with rising energy prices!

A few weeks ahead of another sharp rise in gas and electricity prices, Solar Brother unveils new solar innovations to help French people cook differently and more cheaply. Free, abundant and CO2-free, solar energy is proving to be an increasingly efficient and economical resource for preparing meals.
Specializing in solar products for the general public, French start-up Solar Brother has come up with a new environmentally-friendly alternative to the electric oven: the SUNGOOD® 360 multi-cooker solar oven.

When solar cooking pays off!

In the current context, cooking with gas or electric will become increasingly expensive by 2023, given that 99% of households are equipped with either gas or electric equipment to meet their cooking needs. Take baking bread, for example.

With a 3kW electric oven and a kWh price of €0.1740 (October 2022) in France, it currently costs €0.414 to bake a 500gr loaf of bread thanks to regulated prices, whereas it already costs almost €1 to bake the same loaf in Germany. On the spot market in France, prices have already reached the same levels as in Germany, and it is to be feared that these prices will continue to rise in proportions as yet unknown at the start of 2023, particularly for professionals who are already seeing their bills multiply by 5 for next year.
So, what are the alternatives today to cope with these increases?

Solution 1: The Norwegian pot. It acts as an insulator, allowing cooking to continue without additional energy input, using the age-old principle of heat retention. As a result, it reduces the energy required for cooking by up to 75%, and the initial investment is around 100 euros.

Second solution: use the sun’s free energy for cooking. The main advantage of solar cooking is that it uses energy that is free and often available. Solar cooking does not depend on outside temperatures, but on the level of sunlight, and works just as well in summer as in winter. The average number of sunny days in France ranges from 42.5 days in Rouen to almost 148 days in Montpellier. The most efficient solar cookers also work on cloudy days, making solar cooking a credible alternative to electric or gas cooking all year round. A solar cooker pays for itself more and more quickly, with initial investments in the 100-300 EUR range for the most affordable solar cookers.

To make it easier for families to start cooking with solar energy, Solar Brother today announced the launch of the SUNGOOD® 360, a new, even more efficient solar cooker designed to bring greater energy autonomy to families.

SUNGOOD® 360, the solar oven with 2 cooking modes!

Foldable and flameless, the SUNGOOD® 360 is a solar cooker that adapts to all kinds of recipes: meat, fish, bread, vegetables…It reheats, cooks and steams. This appliance is equipped with two complementary cooking modes: the Suntube, which delivers cooking temperatures from 180°C to 240°C (even on cloudy days), and the Cook UP pot, which enables gentle, unattended cooking from 100°C to 120°C to preserve nutrients.

The SUNGOOD® 360 uses the principle of concentrated solar energy: the sun’s rays are reflected by mirrors and concentrated on the collector for optimum temperature rise.

SUNGOOD® 360 is easy to take anywhere (forest, beach, camping, garden), thanks to its ultra-slim, lightweight design. Its gentle cooking means you don’t need to keep an eye on things, so you can go for a swim, play or go for a walk, and when you come back, your lunch will be ready!

Technical specifications :

– Weight: 2.5 kg / package weight: 3 Kg
– Dimensions of folded SUNGOOD® product: 34 x 26 x 3 cm
– Dimensions of assembled SUNGOOD® product: 90 x 58 x 25 cm
– SreflecT mirror
– Enamelled steel casserole
– Borosilicate glass tube
– Wooden and stainless steel stand
– Warranty: 12 months
– Made in France
– Easy to clean with a damp cloth

Available from the online store at 349 euros.

Four solaire SUNGOOD 360 - 2 cuissons

About Solar Brother

Created by Gilles Gallo and Gatien Brault in 2016, Solar Brother is developing a range of ingenious, outdoor-friendly objects that work on the basis of concentrated solar energy, captured using a system of parabolic reflecting mirrors: a technology as old as Archimedes and one that almost everyone experimented with a magnifying glass as a child. Based on this principle, Solar Brother has designed and distributed 4 innovative products to the general public, 3 of which have won Lépine awards. They can be found in almost 300 outlets in Europe, with a promising launch in Japan in 2020.
With the support of the Banque Publique d’Investissement, both for innovation and export, Solar Brother is now looking to accelerate the brand’s international development, particularly in Germany and the United States. Committed to minimizing its environmental impact, Solar Brother uses recycled and up-cycled materials, 0-waste packaging and French manufacturing.

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