Purchase of a solar oven

There are 4 recognized types of solar cooker: panel cookers, vacuum tube cookers, box cookers and solar dishes.
For more information on the different types of ovens, please see our dedicated page: “The different types of solar cooker“. Depending on your needs, certain ovens are more appropriate.

Solar cookers with panels

Panel ovens are more often selected for their quality/price ratio, and work on the principle of gentle cooking. Temperatures reach around 120°C, so cooking times are longer than when you use your conventional oven. In terms of quantity, it mainly depends on the pot you’re going to use with this cooker. Remember, the dish to be used must have a lid, be dark in color (ideally black) and as thin as possible. With this type of solar cooker, cast-iron dishes are out of the question.

Sungood solar cooker

Ideal for 2-3 people

Vacuum tube solar ovens

Vacuum tube solar furnaces offer an excellent price/power ratio. The vacuum tube used in this type of solar barbecue is specially designed to optimize the capture of the sun’s rays, enabling rapid heat-up and cooking temperatures in excess of 200°C. Their special feature is the baking dish which is always supplied with them and which fits into the tube. So you have to adapt to these long dishes. These are the most efficient ovens on the market today, and we have different sizes to suit your needs:

Mini solar oven GoSun Go

For 1 person

GoSun Sport solar oven

For 2 to 3 people

SunGood 360 solar cooker

For 2 to 3 people

GoSun Fusion hybrid solar oven

Serves 4-5

Sunchef solar oven

For 5 to 10 people

SunChef Pro collective solar oven

For 10 to 25 people

Box-type solar cookers

Box ovens work on exactly the same principle as your traditional oven. The air inside a door-enclosed enclosure will heat up thanks to the sun’s rays. The temperature reached in this type of furnace is between 130°C and 200°C. You can insert all types of dishes just like in your traditional oven. On our website we offer 3 different solar box furnaces with different designs and sizes:

Suntaste 200 solar cooker

Serves 4-7

Suntaste 200 Plus solar cooker

Serves 5-8

Parabolic solar barbecues

Solar dishes are solar barbecues designed more as gas stoves than as ovens. Dishes placed in this type of oven will be heated by a hot spot underneath the dish, so the heating will be comparable to that of your gas hob (induction, gas, glass-ceramic, etc.). With this type of oven, it’s easier to boil water or fry food in a pan. On the other hand, it will be more difficult to bake cakes or quiches in this type of oven. The power of these solar barbecues depends on the diameter of the dish. The larger the diameter, the greater the power. We offer 3 types of solar dishes for sale on our website, selected for their quality, place of manufacture and different sizes: