dinette sunlab decoupe

Solar Brother offers plans for the Sunlab® mini solar cooker.

This solar dinette reaches a maximum temperature of 70°C, ideal for learning about gentle solar cooking. Younger children will enjoy learning how to melt cheese, chocolate or marshmallows. Older children can reheat ready-made meals or dry out thinly sliced vegetables and fruit. We recommend you opt for the S.Reflect® mirror for optimum mirror performance.

Mini-cuiseur solaire Sunlab DIY

Motivated solar beginner


Completion time: 1 hour


Material available on site

How does the Sunlab solar cooker work?

This type of solar oven uses solar thermal energy according to 3 principles:
Concentration: Place the oven facing the sun. The mirror receives the sun’s rays and focuses them on the pot inside the kiln. It acts as a reflector.

2/ Capture: the kettle and the oven’s black interior absorb the sun’s rays without reflecting them back. IMPORTANT: do not use white or stainless steel, which reflect light.

3/ Preservation: the insulated oven box keeps the heat in around the pot.

For your safety
– Wear glasses to protect your eyes from mirror reflections when handling the oven in the sun.
– Wear protective gloves when removing hot food after cooking.

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