Making the Copenhagen folding solar cooker

Solar Brother offers plans for the Copenhagen folding solar cooker.

This solar cooker has an exceptional size/power ratio. It can reach cooking temperatures of almost 150°C, and takes less than 1 minute to assemble. We recommend you opt for the S.Reflect® mirror mirror for optimum mirror performance and flexibility.


Motivated solar beginner


Completion time: 1 hour


Material available on site

How does the Copenhagen panel solar cooker work?

This type of solar oven uses solar thermal energy according to 3 principles:
Concentration: Place the oven facing the sun. The mirrors receive the sun’s rays and focus them on the pot in the middle of the oven. They act as reflectors.
2/ Capture: the black or dark pot absorbs the sun’s rays without reflecting them back. IMPORTANT: do not use white or stainless steel, which reflect light.
3/ Storage: To ensure that the heat remains around the pot and that the temperature rises efficiently, place the pot in a transparent cooking bag. transparent cooking bag (available in stores or on our website). It can also be surrounded by two glass or Pyrex dishes to reproduce the greenhouse effect.
For your safety
– Wear glasses to protect your eyes from mirror reflections when handling the oven in the sun.
– Wearprotective gloves when removing hot food after cooking.

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