SUNAERO Economical Solar Heating

SUNAERO’s energy-saving heating system provides your home with free heat from the first rays of sunshine. Powered by an inexhaustible energy source and a 32-watt photovoltaic panel, it’s totally autonomous. Installed on the sunny facade (roof or ground), it consists of 1 to 3 aerothermal panels, depending on your home.

What’s more, its dual action of heat and airflow is ideal for dehumidifying rooms (second homes, sheds, garden workshops, off-grid housing). and carry out drying activities all year round: dehydrating plants, fruit and vegetables, dehumidifying wood and drying laundry.

SUNAERO features a manual thermostat with 2 heating/drying modes, hydrometric sensors and a 3-speed fan for precise temperature and humidity control. A mobile application enables SUNAERO production to be tracked in real time and its parameters adjusted remotely (available in September 2024).

Pay in instalments