With 20 years’ experience behind us, we’re spreading the knowledge and use of concentrated solar power to all those who want to share a sustainable, socially responsible way of life. With this in mind, we design original products that are accessible to all, and at the same time work with various associations and collaborators to share our experience.


Social utility company

In June 2022, Solar Brother obtained “Entreprise solidaire d’utilité sociale” (ESUS) certification.
This is an accreditation under French law awarded to companies pursuing a socially useful objective.

Know-how available to all

We’re releasing open-source plans for self-build solar products. Downloadable from our website, we encourage our entire community to share their achievements in order to create a veritable incubator of creative, practical solar applications available to all. We also take part in this exchange platform by proposing new Do It Yourself (DIY) products as well as our expert advice”.

Solar and gourmet education

To introduce future generations to the efficiency of solar energy, Solar Brother® has designed a child-friendly mini cooker. With the Graine d’espoir association, we distribute our technology to nursery and elementary school, and provide training for those involved, so that the discovery and use of our technology is adapted to young people. We also provide the necessary promotional material.


Solar and convivial street food

In partnership with the Marseille-based association “les Festins Photoniques”, and with the participation of real chefs, we regularly organize collective cooking demonstrations for real solar feasts. It was 250 guests on the quays of the Seine in Paris, in September 2018, that we conquered and regaled with delicious spiced chicken kebabs and cherry clafoutis cooked entirely in the sun.

Developing solar cooking in Africa

We provide self-construction plans and mirror material, while offering specific support in setting up manufacturing workshops and transferring knowledge to local craftsmen. This ensures that labor costs are adapted to the local market at the right price. We are currently working on a project in Benin, with the first installation of a dozen self-built cookers scheduled for summer 2024. These cookers are ideal for families. In the future, we’ll be developing collective cookers for canteens and villages.

four solar brother

Solar Brother is committed to reducing its own environmental impact

Solar Brother is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment, whether through the place of manufacture or the design of its products. Our latest product, the Lépine 2019 award-winning Sunlab (solar cooking laboratory), has been designed for zero-waste use and manufacture. We use recycled and/or recyclable materials for our various products. The vast majority of our manufacturing is carried out in France to optimize our ecological and social impact.

Eco-designed, sustainable products

In 2018, the Sungood won the Nature et découvertes eco-design award. In-house and with our designer, we focus on simple designs that make the most of the materials used and the means of production required, while respecting the environment. We pay particular attention to the service life of our products, selecting specific materials and designing them for repair to extend their useful life.

Solar Brother® donates a minimum of 1% of its annual sales to finance the promotion and increased use of concentrated solar power.

Associations and partners who place their trust in us:

  • Les festins photoniques, Marseille
  • Bolivia Inti
  • The Omen
  • Graine d’Espoir, Paris
  • The Padre Himalaya, Pyrenees
  • Stella Turchine, Corsica
  • Solar Sound System
  • Paléo Energie, Paris
  • Alternatiba

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