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Solar Charger

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Discover Solar Brother’s range of solar chargers for efficient recharging of all your portable electronic devices: phone, tablet, camera, GPS, mobile speaker, drone, etc., anywhere.

Portable solar panels are designed for hiking and all outdoor activities. These foldable solar panels can be hung on any backpack. Solar Brother also offers essential accessories for even greaterautonomy: an external battery for energy storage or LED lighting, a universal charger for recharging batteries or camera batteries, and long-life USB rechargeable batteries to replace conventional AA/AAA batteries. Converting the sun's power into electricity has never been easier!

Solar charger: frequently asked questions

Solar panels convert sunlight directly into 5V electrical voltage (they don't store energy). The energy produced by the solar panel is then stored in a battery (smartphone, powerbank, etc.).

Use it on your outdoor outings (mountain, sea, camping...) to keep your devices charged. Versatile, it can be attached or suspended using carabiners, or placed anywhere you like (backpack, bike, car dashboard, etc.) It works whatever the outside temperature.

When the sun is shining, open the solar panel fully towards the sun and plug in your device: charging starts immediately. For optimum charging, orient the panel perpendicular to the sun's rays. If the weather is overcast, a buffer battery is required.

The SunMoove 6.5 Watt charges smartphones, sports cameras, SAT phones and other 5V devices. It comes with a triple cable (IPhone, Micro USB, USB-C).

The SunMoove 16 Watt charges smartphones, tablets, sports cameras and SAT phones. It comes with a triple cable (IPhone, Micro USB, USBC).

Yes, it's compatible with all USB charger cables. If the light is too weak or your device too greedy for charge, use a USB battery buffer between the solar panel and your device.

This is possible with the 16-Watt solar panel under the following conditions: the laptop is equipped with a USB-C port for charging, or the solar panel is used to charge an external battery equipped with a USB-C port, charging is then carried out from the external battery.

Check the 2 LED indicators on the solar panel's USB port: - If the first LED is red: the solar panel is in focus and capturing light - If the second LED is blue: slow charging - If the second LED is green: fast charge

Charge time for 30% to 60% depending on your phone model is around 2 hours with the 6.5 Watt and 1 hour with the 16 Watt.

Panel output current adjusts to battery charge. No risk of damaging your device while charging.

No. The solar panel is equipped with an anti-return diode that prevents the solar panel from discharging your battery.

The solar panels are durable and designed with waterproof materials for outdoor use. In the event of rain, when the solar panel is open, the USB output on the back of the panels is protected. However, the solar panel must not be immersed in water, as the USB output is not waterproof. If the SunMoove gets wet, allow the panel to dry before folding and storing it in a dry place.

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