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Solar Brother offers plans for the Sungood® folding solar cooker.

Gentle cooking from 80°C to 120°C preserves the flavor of the nutrients. Foldable, lightweight and flame-free, it can be used in the forest, by the sea, on your balcony or on a camping trip! Ready, set, go! We recommend you opt for the S.Reflect® mirror mirror for optimum mirror performance and flexibility.


How does the Sungood panel solar oven work?

This type of solar oven uses solar thermal energy according to 3 principles:
Concentration: Place the oven facing the sun. The mirrors receive the sun’s rays and focus them on the pot in the middle of the oven. They act as reflectors.

2/ Capture: the black or dark pot absorbs the sun’s rays without reflecting them back. IMPORTANT: do not use white or stainless steel, which reflect light.

3/ Storage: To ensure that the heat remains around the pot and that the temperature rises efficiently, place the pot in a transparent cooking bag (available in stores or on our website). It can also be surrounded by two glass or Pyrex dishes to reproduce the greenhouse effect.

For your safety

– Wear glasses to protect your eyes from mirror reflections when handling the oven in the sun.
– Wearprotective gloves when removing hot food after cooking.


Motivated solar beginner


Completion time: 4 hours


Material available on site

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