How to make a solar oven bernard

Solar Brother offers you the plans of the Bernard solar stove.

This page offers you a free PDF tutorial to download to make the Bernard solar stove! The manufacturing steps are very detailed and are also suitable for the less experienced DIYer. The design of this solar oven offers multiple advantages: work surface, convenient height, infrequent adjustments, unbeatable stability in the wind. Solar Brother offers the S.Reflect® mirror for the construction of this solar cooker.

Making your own solar cooker Bernard

Motivated solar handyman


Time of realization : 1-2 days


Material available on the site


How does the Bernard solar stove work?

The stove is a table with a hole in the top to hold the pot. Between the front legs of this table, there is a reflector, made of 9 mirrors fixed on a frame to concentrate the sun rays on the bottom of the pot. The frame turns around a horizontal axis to adjust the inclination to the sun. Under the table top, a glass insulating box acts as a greenhouse, to keep the bottom part of the pot warm. After use, the reflector folds away to save space.

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