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Solar Brother offers plans for the SEAD Sailing tubular solar cooker

The SEAD Sailing solar cooker is made from wooden boards, S-Reflect® mirror and a Suntube® vacuum tube. This tutorial will enable you to build your own low-cost tubular solar cooker up to 180°C! We’d like to thank the SEAD Sailing team for sharing their creation of this tubular solar cooker, with video and plans to download. The plans for the Low Tech Lab by Corentin de Chatelperron were the inspiration for this project. SEAD Sailing is an itinerant floating platform for sustainable development, active in three specific fields: mycology, marine bioacoustics and agroecology.

How does the Sead Sailing solar tube furnace work?

This type of solar oven operates on solar thermal energy according to 3 principles:
1/ Concentration: Place the oven facing the sun. the mirrors receive the sun’s rays and focus them on the firing tube. They act as reflectors.
2/ Capture: the vacuum tube absorbs the sun’s rays without reflecting them back.
3/ Preservation: the vacuum tube retains heat and ensures a high-performance temperature rise.

For your safety
– Wear glasses to protect your eyes from mirror reflections when handling the oven in the sun.
– Wear protective gloves when removing hot food after cooking.


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Completion time :
1 day


Equipment available
on the

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