sechoir solaire

Dried fruit and vegetables all year round with a solar dryer!

Summer and winter alike, you can now dry your own fruit, vegetables and plants at home. How? With this new free downloadable plan for building your own solar dryer. All you need to manufacture it are simple materials that can be purchased in any supermarket, and the S.Reflect® mirror for optimum performance. Drying times will depend on the amount of sunshine present, and also on the quantity of food to be dehydrated.


Advanced solar handyman


Completion time: 1-2 days


Material available on site

Fabrication sechoir solaire

How does a solar dryer work?

The solar drying method uses indirect solar radiation. The principle is to collect solar energy to heat the air volume with collectors, and to conduct the hot air from the collector to the drying chamber. This is where the products to be dried are placed. Ideally, the temperature inside the dryer should be 45-50°C. It’s a good idea to check the temperature with a thermometer, as too hot a temperature will cook the food, and too low a temperature will not allow the food to dry out, and it will spoil.

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