cadran solaire

Create a 3D-printed sundial that displays the time digitally!

We’d like to share this Julien Coyne invention with you. Sundials generally project a line or triangle to indicate the time. It is designed so that when light passes through it, it displays the shapes of the numbers. This device gives you access to the time in an original way. Simple and effective, it can be used anywhere in the northern hemisphere, at any time of day.

Usage tips and sources

  • To get the most out of your sundial, place it on a flat, horizontal surface.
  • The angle between the flat surface and your sundial must correspond to the latitude you are at ( ex : Paris 48.85° ; Lyon 45.75° ; Rouen 49.44° )
  • Point your sundial northwards
  • Adjust the angle of the rotating dial head when first used.
Sources :

Advanced solar handyman


Completion time: 1-2 days


Hardware: 3D printer

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