Solar Brother unveils its SunWater® 7- or 15-liter nomadic solar shower, to take with you all summer long!

SunWater® 7- or 15-litre nomadic solar shower: an ideal innovation for rinsing and showering at the beach or on excursions, or for washing dishes and laundry at the campsite!

Because it’s sometimes difficult to carry enough water to wash oneself on long excursions, bivouacs and treks, and it’s sometimes a hassle to queue up at campsites to have access to communal showers and washing-up basins, Solar Brother has designed SunWater®: a 7 or 15-liter solar shower that’s easy to use and transport, with water heated free of charge by the sun’s rays and capable of reaching 45° after 3 hours. Easy to carry and use for all your outdoor activities this summer!

SunWater®, a 7- or 15-liter food-grade water reservoir for hydration on long excursions, bivouacs or treks

The SunWater® solar shower is a must-have accessory for all outdoor holidaymakers, whether on the seaside, a mountain excursion, trekking, bivouacking or simply camping. Designed in TPU material, 100% suitable for food use, the SunWater® stores drinking water for a water autonomy of 7 or 15 liters, providing good hydration for the whole family during outdoor outings. Made from TPU material and PBA-free, it provides 48 hours of renewable water autonomy after each use.

An ingenious system that heats water up to 45° for showers, laundry and dishes!

What’s more, SunWater® is capable of heating water so you can shower or wash dishes and laundry. How? it’s very simple: it captures and absorbs the heat of the sun’s rays to heat the shower water. Its temperature reaches 45°C in 3 hours when exposed to direct sunlight.

Douche solaire Sunwater Visuel douche et eau

In practice, a few simple steps are all it takes to enjoy a hot shower:

  1. Attach the showerhead to the shower head. Then screw it to the right to close before filling.
  2. Unscrew the top cap. Fill the Sunwater® with water up to 7 liters (or 15 liters maximum, depending on the model).
  3. Hang the shower in the sun and wait for the water to warm up. No shade.
  4. The temperature indicator reads 33°C to 53°C. Warning: if 53°C is displayed, the temperature may be higher than 53°C.
  5. After clipping on the knob, turn the handshower to the left to let the water flow and set the desired flow rate.
  6. Once you’ve finished showering, you can remove the hand shower by pressing the red button.

Designed with reinforced side edges, SunWater® is sturdy and leak-proof for long-lasting use. With its flexible, compact design, the SunWater® folds up and slips easily into a bag to accompany you on bivouacs, campsites or treks!

SunWater®, indispensable in many outdoor situations!

This new Solar Brother innovation can be very useful in everyday life. For example for :

  • Rinse off after the beach when there are no showers nearby.
  • Washing up during bivouacs or camping trips in the mountains.
  • Having drinking water close to your tent at the campsite makes it easier to clean your dishes or do your laundry.
  • Clean and rinse your outdoor equipment.
  • Have enough water on hand to keep the whole family hydrated during a camping weekend.

Advantages and features of solar shower systems

  • Compact when folded
  • Easy to hang
  • Carrying wrist & Adjustable strap
  • Lightweight: 290g
  • 7L or 15L capacity
  • With hand shower
  • Heats water up to 45°C in 3 hours

Technical specifications

  • SunWater 7L / SunWater 15L
  • Shower size: 45 x 32 cm / 58 x 40 cm
  • Empty weight: 290g / 375g
  • Material: elastic thermoplastic with high abrasion and chemical resistance (TPU) without Bisphenol A (PBA).
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Reference: SW_7 / SW-15
  • Price: €34.95 for 7 Litres / €49.95 for 15 Litres

About Solar Brother

Created by Gilles Gallo and Gatien Brault in 2016, Solar Brother is developing a range of ingenious, outdoor-friendly objects that work on the basis of concentrated solar energy, captured using a system of parabolic reflecting mirrors: a technology as old as Archimedes and one that almost everyone experimented with a magnifying glass as a child. Based on this principle, Solar Brother has designed and distributed 4 innovative products to the general public, 3 of which have won Lépine awards. They can be found in almost 300 outlets in Europe, with a promising launch in Japan in 2020.

With the support of the Banque Publique d’Investissement, both for innovation and export, Solar Brother is now looking to accelerate the brand’s international development, particularly in Germany and the United States. Committed to minimizing its environmental impact, Solar Brother uses recycled and up-cycled materials, 0-waste packaging and French manufacturing.

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