Gastronomy, conviviality, ecology and innovation: discover solar cooking!

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Launched in 2018 on the French market, the SunChef Pro is the first solar oven dedicated to the professional world of catering and gastronomy. This Made in France innovation was quickly adopted by several estates, restaurants and campsites, including Nadia Sammut the first Michelin-starred chef of a gluten-free restaurant. In fact, thanks to SunTube solar tube technology, solar cooking brings a sublime taste to all preparations, with the same advantages as a traditional oven. This ultra-efficient technology uses free energy and is accessible to all with Solar Brother’s range of multi-cooking tubular solar ovens. It’s never been easier to discover the taste of the sun, as a growing number of workshops and training courses introduce you to all the benefits of solar cooking.


Advantages of solar cooking

“As Michelin-starred chef Nadia Sammut reminds us, “Solar cooking is the best way to cook. Chefs make no mistake about it: solar cooking allows them to rediscover the true taste of food, and goes very well with the perpetual search for new flavors in gastronomy. With solar cooking, there’s no fuel consumption: no gas, electricity or wood/coal, so zero waste and no C02 emissions. So, without fuel or smoke, solar cooking reveals the true taste of food – a real treat for the taste buds! Solar cooking offers many practical advantages in terms of both performance and ecology. In fact, solar cooking meets the need for energy self-sufficiency, enabling you to cook wherever fires are normally forbidden: camping, picnics, boats, vans, cabins, balconies, terraces or self-contained homes. Solar cooking uses a source of energy that’s abundantly available in some regions and free everywhere, so you can save on fuel costs all year round. The solar cooker works just as well in summer as in winter, provided there’s enough sunshine.

Croissants avec le four solaire SunGood XL

Discover solar cooking with Solar Brother multi-cooker solar ovens

The latest generation of solar cookers developed by Solar Brother use Suntube solar cooking tube technology. This technology makes it possible to cook even on cloudy days, thanks to its incredible ability to retain heat. Temperature rise in sunny weather is just as fast as with a conventional oven. The cooking temperature reaches 240C, allowing you to cook all your favorite dishes (meat, vegetables, bread, cakes, etc.). The cooking tubes come in a range of sizes, making it possible to build efficient solar cookers for collective or family cooking. In fact, the SunChef Pro is equipped with cooking racks with a total cooking capacity of 37L, enough to prepare meals for 10 to 50 people. Solar Brother offers a complete range of tubular solar cookers, including the SunChef and SunGood XLwith a 5L capacity for 5-8 people, and the SunGood 360 with a 1L tube for 2-3 people. Solar Brother’s solar cookers are a quick and easy introduction to solar cooking, making it easy to prepare sun-kissed meals for family and friends.

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Sharing experiences and learning about solar cooking

It’s becoming easier and easier to discover solar cooking through associations, training courses and workshops organized all over France. Associations such as festins photoniques in the south of France regularly organize events such as competitions with ovens powered solely by solar energy, like the SunChef and SunChef Pro. Some campsites and wilderness resorts Huttopia are offering solar cooking workshops in several villages: an opportunity to prepare delicious solar recipes with the SunGood 360 and SunGood XL ovens, and to discover a new way of cooking while sharing new culinary experiences. Younger children are also made aware of the use of solar energy in its various forms. Solar cooking lets you rediscover the real taste of food, and contributes to a healthier diet. The Scouts have set up workshops to experiment with solar cooking, and many local initiatives are organizing educational workshops on the same theme for schools. Solar cooking is establishing itself in the gastronomic landscape as a fully-fledged way of cooking. The technology is gaining increasing acceptance, and is now even being used in cookery schools.