Who are Solar Brother?

Solar Brother is above all a human team made up of Gilles Gallo & Gatien Brault are the founders of Solar Brother, surrounded by a young team with a common goal: to democratize the use of solar energy.


Gilles & Gatien are the inventors of the Lépine award-winning Sungood solar cooker. For almost twenty years, they have been campaigning for using the sun’s energy. The sun is a clean, free and sustainable source of energy…

“There’ s a preconceived notion that solar energy doesn’t work! “Gilles Gallo

To democratize this inexhaustible resource, Solar Brother offers simple, high-performance and practical solutions. They offer solar solutions ranging from small lighters to community ovens.

Restoring confidence in solar energy...

People have a bad experience with solar
“says Gilles Gallo. He continues: ” À At school, they tried to burn a sheet of paper with a magnifying glass, but it didn’t work. This is normal with a white sheet, as it does not retain heat.“.$

Solar Brother aims to restore confidence in solar energy. With this in mind, you can
download free plans

We know it works, but you don’t have to take our word for it: you can reproduce the solar cooker at home to test its efficiency.
“says Gilles Gallo.

Now in line with its commitment to restore confidence in solar energy, Solar Brother has diversified its products with affordable prices for everyone, from the SUNCASE GEAR solar lighter to the ADVENTURE KIT fire starter for less than 15 euros… Solar Brother also offers SUNMOOVE solar chargers and ovens for personal or even professional use, as in Marseille, le Présage restaurant, which uses large Solar Brother ovens, such as the sunchef pro.

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