Solar Brother’s economical SunAéro solar heater is a big hit!

Chauffage solaire Sunaero design

Solar Brother’s SunAéro energy-saving solar heater is a big hit with consumers looking to heat their homes for less! SolarBrother has reached 3500% of its initial Ulule target, with nearly 175,000 euros already raised!

Specializing in the design of environmentally-friendly solar solutions (ovens, barbecues, vegetable dryers, etc.), French startup Solar Brother is finally offering the French an alternative to lower their energy bills when the cold sets in! With SunAéro, it’s finally possible to lower the thermostat on your heating system by 3 to 5°C free of charge and without electricity, while maintaining your thermal comfort! A Made in France innovation, designed and assembled in France at the brand-new production center in Carnoules, Var, which will be inaugurated in January.

SunAéro®, or how to bring more heat into your room for free!

Solar heating is a project initiated in June 2022 by Solar Brother’s R&D teams in response to the sharp rise in energy prices, and the need for the French to turn to alternative solutions to lower their bills. One year later, this ambition has become a reality with SunAéro: the 1st solar heating system capable of heating and renewing air in rooms from 20 to 60m2, such as bedrooms, living rooms, workshops, sheds and cellars. The benefit? The extra 3 to 5 degrees it generates in the home means you can reduce your current thermostat by the same amount, and thus make real savings that are not to be underestimated.

Simple, one-person installation!

SunAéro can be installed vertically or horizontally on the outside of a house facing the sun (ideally due south, or south-east, south-west), using modular panels that are mechanically fastened to the wall with quick-release fasteners. With its “Plug & Play” system, installation is very simple: once you’ve chosen the room you want to heat, simply drill 4 holes on the outside of the room’s facade to attach the panel.

A turnkey installation takes from 1 to 3 hours, depending on whether it’s wood or concrete. To help users, Solar Brother offers several options: video tutorial guides and tool rental for do-it-yourselfers, or a call-out to a Solar Brother-supported craftsman.

Chauffage solaire autonome SunAero
Chauffage solaire autonome SunAero

Nothing to do on a daily basis, totally autonomous!

Once you’ve installed the panels (from 1 to 3 panels, depending on the volume of the room to be heated), the pilot block and the ventilation system, there’s nothing left to do. Solar heating starts up naturally:

1. Outside air enters the bottom of the panel via the filter cassette.
2. The air then comes into contact with the solar absorber in the aerothermal solar panel, which is designed to optimize heat transfer.
3. As the air rises through the panel, it is heated and blown into the house via a controlled ventilation system. As soon as the pilot block exceeds 25° C*, ventilation starts up. When night falls, it automatically switches off as the sun sets.
*The setpoint temperature is adjustable.

This patented technology, optimized for air duct insulation, enables glue- and silicone-free assembly. SunAéro runs completely autonomously on solar energy. The heat combined with the air flow heats and dehumidifies the rooms. With SunAéro, not only do you gain a few “free” degrees to heat your rooms, but you also renew the volume of air in the room every hour with a silent ventilation system.

The ideal complement to a heat pump or a wood, electric or gas-fired heater for heating one or more rooms in winter, SunAéro can also be very useful in summer: its modular panels can even be installed on a drying shed and used as a fruit and vegetable dehydrator, tumble dryer or to speed up the drying of wood.

Soon connected, to monitor energy savings in real time and control the fan remotely!

Last but not least, SunAéro is the only solar heating system that can be controlled remotely via a mobile app, soon to be available. This will provide real-time data (including watts saved) and allow users to set fan settings so that, for example, it switches on automatically when the panel temperature is 5°C higher than that of the room to be heated, or depending on the desired humidity level in the room.

About Solar Brother :

Founded by Gilles Gallo and Gatien Brault in 2016, French startup Solar Brother is developing a complete range of solar innovations for both home equipment and outdoor activities, based on concentrated solar power technology: a technology as old as Archimedes and one that almost everyone experimented with a magnifying glass as a child. Based on this principle, Solar Brother has designed and distributed 15 innovative products to the general public, all geared towards autonomy and energy savings, including 3 Lépine awards. They are present in nearly 300 points of sale in Europe, with a promising international launch in Japan and Germany.

With the support of the Banque Publique d’Investissement, both for innovation and export, Solar Brother is now looking to accelerate the brand’s international development, particularly in Europe and the United States. Committed to minimizing its environmental impact, Solar Brother manufactures in France and uses recycled and up-cycled materials and 0-waste packaging.

Solar Brother also makes all its innovation plans available free of charge on their website Through its actions, the company is recognized by the French state with the
ESUS accreditation

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