Zoom in on the new SunAéro energy-saving solar heater!

Chauffage solaire économe SunAéro

Thanks to you, the Ulule campaign campaign for the launch of the SunAéro energy-saving solar heater has been a great success, with over 3000% of the target reached! SunAéro meets a real need for energy-saving solutions that are simple, effective and easy to install. In response to the immense interest generated by the launch of SunAéro, we’re pleased to give you more details on this innovative new product from Solar Brother!

Operating principle

The SunAéro is a panel that efficiently captures and absorbs the sun’s heat to propel up to 200m3 per hour of warm air into a room, completely autonomously. The SunAéro can be installed on the facade, the roof or even on the ground thanks to its nomad base (optional), and must face south, south-east or south-west. Every ray of sunlight is transformed into free heat, as the SunAéro automatically produces a flow of warm air regulated from +20°C to +40°C depending on the intensity of the sunshine. When there’s not enough light, the SunAéro switches off automatically, and its program allows warm air to be propelled only when necessary.

Using the SunAéro

The economical SunAéro solar heating system provides additional heat for rooms in a house or isolated site. With its dual ventilation and heating action, SunAéro can also be used to dehumidify rooms, holiday homes or cabins all year round. Finally, by installing SunAéro on a drying hut, you get a high-capacity solar dryer for drying fruit, vegetables and plants, as well as firewood and linen!


The different elements of economical solar heating SunAéro

SunAéro, our solar heating system, consists of 3 components:

– The filter cassette through which outside air is captured and filtered
Aerothermal solar panel absorbs heat and heats circulating air (103 x 76 x 7 cm)
– The pilot block, which contains the brain of the system and propels the flow of warm air into your home (30 x 76 x 7cm).

The panel with filter cassette weighs 13kg and the pilot block 7kg, making the whole unit weigh just 20kg and easy to handle by a single person during installation. If you need more power for larger rooms, you can combine 2 or 3 solar panels with a single driver, weighing 33 and 46kg respectively. The electronic part of the control unit is guaranteed for 10 years, while the panel’s output is guaranteed for 25 years.

Filtration cassette

The cassette is the air intake for your SunAero, and fits into the base of the panel. Its filter allows healthy air to enter your home. For maintenance, the filter can be cleaned once a year with a little water.

Aerothermal solar panel

The aerothermal solar panel is the central element of the system, where heat is absorbed and air is heated as it circulates.
The SunAéro aerothermal solar panel is lightweight and ultra-thin, eco-designed with durable, resistant materials (98% Securit Ultra Clear tempered glass, lacquered aluminum frame). The insulation used has a thermal resistance of around 0.5 m².K/W. The collector surface is approx. 0.75m²: with an average sunshine level of 1000W/m² in France and an efficiency of 80%, the panel’s power is 600W. A 600W solar panel is sufficient for surfaces up to 20m², 2 panels (1200W) are recommended for surfaces between 20 and 40m², and 3 panels (1800W) for surfaces between 40m² and 60m².

The output temperature depends on 3 main parameters:
– sunshine intensity
– time of day
– set fan speed.

Pilot block

The SunAéro pilot unit is completely autonomous, thanks to its 32W solar panel. Depending on your settings, the pilot unit fan blows 50 to 200m3 per hour of warm air into the house. The injected air is +20 to +40°C warmer than the outside air temperature at an air flow rate of 3m/s, bringing +3 to +5°C of heat into the room.

The thermostat is connected to the control unit and incorporates numerous functions: on/off, operating modes, fan speed selection (3 positions), wifi activation/deactivation, sensor inputs, USB-C socket. The thermostat incorporates 2 sensors for temperature and humidity, with a second temperature sensor connected to the warm air outlet. A third temperature sensor is supplied with the SunAero. It can be installed elsewhere in the room or, for example, at the inlet to the filter cassette, to measure the temperature difference between the outside air and the injected air. The SunAéro comes with a USB charger to keep the fan running even at night when you’re using the product in “Drying” mode.


Installation takes less than 3 hours by a single person and depends mainly on the type of facade. A good handyman can easily install SunAéro on a wooden, chipboard or brick wall. The help of a craftsman is recommended for installation on a stone wall or roof. The first step is to drill an opening (like a vent) in the face of the wall on which you wish to install SunAéro, to allow the sheath to pass through. Then, for installation in a vertical position on a facade, 7 small holes must be drilled to insert the fixing kit’s dowels. Screws and plugs are supplied with the SunAéro .

Once the mounting kit is in place, installation of the driver and panel takes just a few clips. You can install SunAéro horizontally or vertically on your facade.

Passage of the SunAéro

A 125mm-diameter aluminum duct, similar to that used for CMVs, propels the warm air into your home. To accommodate the thermostat’s 2m cable and sheath, a 140mm-diameter air vent must be drilled in the front panel. To limit heat exchange with the wall and ensure a good seal, we recommend injecting expanding foam around the sheath.

The sheath is then connected to the SunAero outlet using a hose clamp. To prevent heat loss to the outside, a non-return valve is installed on the inside. Finally, a metal air vent is attached to the duct outlet. To better control the flow of air into your room, the opening/closing of this vent can be adjusted manually. Your SunAéro aerothermal solar panel comes with a 70cm long sheath, clamps, damper, air vent and thermostat.

If you decide to install SunAéro on the roof, we advise you to use an insulated sheath no longer than 5m to avoid heat loss (available soon in our store). You should also avoid making elbows in the duct, which could reduce the flow of incoming air. These principles also apply to the nomad base, which allows one or more panels to be moved and installed on the ground.

Advantages of SunAéro solar heating

To take advantage of abundant, free energy, here are the main reasons to install SunAéro energy-saving solar heating in your home:

  • Lightweight design: the SunAéro blends harmoniously into any facade or roof.
  • Easy installation: one person can do it in less than 3 hours
  • Economical : the SunAéro produces free heat all year round! Reduce your heating consumption by up to 35% when the SunAéro
  • Autonomous : no need to plug in, the SunAéro is self-powered by solar energy
  • Modular: the SunAéro is scalable and adapts to your needs. You can connect up to 3 aerothermal panels to one pilot and one filter cassette. A nomadic base for ground installation and reflectors to boost panel output will soon be available.
  • Intelligent : heat and humidity sensor, control program for heating or drying
  • Connected : program and control your SunAéro remotely
  • Multifunctional : the SunAéro can be used to heat, dehumidify or dry!

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