[Tubular solar oven] Recipe: Braised cabbage with chorizo

Recette Chou braisé au chorizo

Solar recipe: braised cabbage with chorizo

Discover this original recipe for braised cabbage with chorizo, tested and approved with the Suntube XL solar cooking tube. This recipe made with the Sungood XL multi-cooker solar cooker is presented to us by our Solar Sister Gaelle. The SunGood XL solar cooker can prepare meals for 3 to 8 people, and delivers temperatures from 180°C to 240°C. Gaelle has always been a mom with a passion for cooking and, more recently, for solar energy. She is always happy to share her culinary trials and experiments on her Instagram page Solliès Cheese.

Recipe suggested by : Solliès Cheese – Tubular solar oven, SunGood XL – Preparation time: 15 mn – Cooking time: 30-45mn


  • A quarter of white cabbage
  • Two onions
  • 75 grams chorizo

Preparation of Braised cabbage with chorizo

  • Place the white cabbage and chopped onions at the bottom of the Suntube container. Sprinkle with coarsely chopped chorizo.
  • Drizzle with water and olive oil before placing in the Suntube (heated beforehand, to reduce cooking time). Open from time to time to monitor cooking and stir the cabbage, so that the chorizo flavors perfume the whole dish.
  • Serve with, for example, herbed roast potatoes, also made in the Suntube.

Enjoy your meal!

5/5 (1 Review)
5/5 (1 Review)