Solar Brother Launches a Range of Solar Products for Energy Autonomy on the US Market!

Meilleure autonomie grâce à l'énergie solaire

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Solar Brother Launches a Range of Solar Products for Energy Autonomy on the US Market!

Since 2016, French startup Solar Brother has been developing a range of innovations designed to help you manage your energy budget independently at home and outdoor. Today, it is launching 4 product ranges (solar cooking, solar dryers, solar lighters, solar heating) on the US market that use the sun’s free energy to help everyone save money. All innovations are already available in US dollars from the Solar Brother store.

Four solaire Sungood 360

SunGood® 360 Multi-Cooking Solar Oven

Foldable and flameless, the SunGood® 360 is a solar cooker that adapts to all kinds of recipes : meat, fish, bread, vegetables… It heats, cooks and steams. It features two complementary cooking modes: the SunTube, which delivers cooking temperatures from 180°C to 240°C (even on cloudy days), and the Cook Up pot, which enables gentle, unattended cooking from 100°C to 120°C to preserve nutrients. SunGood® 360 is easy to take anywhere (forest, beach, camping, garden), thanks to its ultra-slim, lightweight design. Its gentle cooking means there’s no need for supervision, so you can go swimming, playing or for a walk, and when you come back, lunch will be ready! SunGood® 360 is available for $299.95 from the Solar Brother Shop

Sunchef Pro, a Solar Oven Dedicated to Professionals!

With its 1.8 m collector surface and 37-liter cooking volume, the SunChef Pro can feed more than 50 people. It operates even on cloudy days, reaching temperatures of 250°C. It features 2 stainless steel racks for 2 different preparations. What’s more, it operates completely autonomously, thanks to its photovoltaic panel and storage battery, which enable it to face the sun. A perfect match for the most demanding catering and camping professionals. Sunchef Pro is available from the Solar Brother store.

Chauffage solaire econome SunAero

SunAero®, Autonomous Solar Heating

The 1st solar heating system capable of heating and renewing air in rooms from 20 to 60m2, such as bedrooms, living rooms, workshops, sheds and cellars. The benefit? The extra 3 to 5 degrees of heat it generates in the home means you can reduce your current thermostat by the same amount, resulting in real savings.

The SunAéro is a panel that efficiently captures and absorbs the sun’s heat to propel up to 200m3 per hour of warm air into a room, completely autonomously. The SunAero can be installed on the facade, the roof or even on the ground thanks to its nomad base (optional), and must face south, south-east or south-west. Every ray of sunlight is transformed into free heat, as the SunAéro automatically produces a flow of warm air regulated from +20°C to +40°C according to the intensity of the sunshine. When there’s not enough light, the SunAéro switches off automatically, and its program allows warm air to be propelled only when necessary.

Briquet solaire Suncase Gear

SunCase Gear®, a High-Performance Solar Lighter

The SunCase solar lighter spreads its wings and concentrates the sun’s rays in a focal point for lighting in 3 seconds: wood, brown paper, tobacco, incense (…). Its case gives your lighter wings for 24/24h lighting and prolongs its useful life. Ultralight (12gr) and compact, it fits in your pocket and can be taken anywhere. Waterproof & windproof, the SunCase is an indispensable companion. SunCase Gear® is available in 5 colors (red, green, yellow, white, black) for $14.95 from the Solar Brother store.

Sechage solaire avec OMY

OMY®, an Ecological Solar Dryer

With the OMY solar dryer, sold as an assembly kit, you can dry and preserve your fruit, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants over the long term. Modular, it is designed with a system of 7 interchangeable trays. The food is placed on a rack or spit to select the ideal drying solution for each food. OMY is equipped with a “booster” reflector for use in all latitudes and seasons, and an electric ventilation system powered by a solar panel. OMY can preserve up to 7 kg of food…with free energy. OMY® is available for $549 (size S) from the Solar Brother store.

About Solar Brother :

Founded by Gilles Gallo and Gatien Brault in 2016, Solar Brother is developing a range of innovative products based on concentrated solar energy to provide consumers with energy autonomy. Solar Brother has designed and distribute 4 innovative range products with solar cooking, solar dryers, solar lighters, solar heating. They can be found in almost 300 points of sale in Europe, with a promising launch in Japan in 2020. With the support of the “Banque Publique d’Investissement”, both for innovation and export, Solar Brother is now looking to accelerate the brand’s international development, particularly in Germany and the United States. Committed to minimizing its environmental impact, Solar Brother uses recycled and up-cycled materials, 0-waste packaging and French manufacturing.

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